Santa Maria – Sal island

SANTA MARIA CITY Santa Maria is the main tourist town in the Cape Verde islands. It is located in the southern part of Sal island, 16km south of the airport and 20km south of Espargos. Espargos is the capital of Sal island and is located in the centre of the island close to the airport. […]

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Virtual tour of Sal island, the pearl of the ocean

Sal is famous for its trade winds blowing in from the Sahara mainly from November to April. As well as making life more comfortable during the hot days it has made Sal a top tourist destination for a variety of sports. There are a number of surfing spots from the beginners waves which can be […]

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The 10 Cape Verde islands | Cape-Verde Islands

The Cape Verde archipelago is made up of 10 islands and 8 islets. The Barlavento islands, windward islands, include Santo Antoa, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista. The Sotavento islands, leeward islands, are made up of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava. Sal Island Sal island is the oldest island of the […]

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Cape Verde Visas

WHAT IS A VISA? A visa is the authorisation granted by Cape Verde government that allows a person to enter, remain or leave the country. On arrival your passport will be stamped and this will be your entry visa. WHO NEEDS A VISA? Everyone entering Cape Verde needs a visa apart from people from 21 […]

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Cape Verde Guide

CAPE VERDE LOCATION The Cape Verde archipelago of 10 islands is located in the central Atlantic Ocean. It is 570km or 350 miles off the western coast of the African continent. The latitude and longitude for the country are 15.1111*N and 23.6167*W respectively. The neighbouring countries with maritime boundaries are The Gambia, Mauritania and Senegal. […]

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Cape Verde Islands History

The first islands formed were the eastern islands, including Sal, about 40-50 million years ago! The western part of the islands formed 8-12 million years ago and these included Sao Nicolau. The most recent islands of Santiago, Fogo and Brava were formed 2-4 million years ago. This created the extensive group of 10 islands otherwise […]

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